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    Unhappy Unanswered: SQL mail to retrieve Undeliverable mail

    Hello, everyone:
    I have a big problem now, so real need you guys help. I am trying to retrieve all the Undeliverable emails from my exchange server, and put those wrong email addresses into SQL server 2000. This is what I did: I created a system admin profile for outlook 2002 to access the mailbox; start SQL server and SQL server agent by this admin account.
    When I use xp_findnextmsg, I can get the msg_id for normal mail but not the Undeliverable mail (bounced mail). btw, all the bounced mails are shown in the outlook inbox.
    I posted this massage at, but till now I have no solution yet. One person said, maybe something wrong with the type, you know, xp_findnextmsg has an argument @type which is either 'IPM' or 'IPC'. But I have no knowledge about MAPI, so I don't know how to set the type.
    Hopefully, somebody can help me. Thanks.


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    May be by using third party tools or MS Exchange you can define so, and I don't think so SQL Server deals with such request.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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