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    Unanswered: problems connection to Informix database


    I have a MS SQL 7 running on one machine and want to connect to a Informix database on another machine.

    But I always get the error
    Server: Msg 7319, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
    OLE DB provider 'MSDASQL' returned a 'NON-CLUSTERED and NOT INTEGRATED' index 'ind_new_id' with incorrect bookmark ordinal 0.

    I have installed the newest version of "Microsoft Data Access Components" and I have the latest Informix odbc driver

    When I try to test the connection in the ODBC Data Source Administrator the test returns fine.

    Anyone knows what my problem might be?

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    One of the post in this forum refers
    The problem is caused because most providers including SQL Server OLE DB provider do
    not support index seek.

    The 'index as access path' should not be checked when creating a linked server using
    the SQL OLEDB. There is a provider level option which is read by the SQL Server from
    the following registry.
    Accesspath. Please check whether the value of the above registry key is 0. If it
    isn't , please change it to 0 and try the remote query again.

    If it doesn't work, I suggest you rebuild a linked server using the SQL OLEDB without
    checking 'index as access path'.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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