I deal in a Windows NT environment, with SQL Server DB.

I have been approached by upper management with the question of "Can we duplicate all of our information from our network to another machine off-site, so that if we are ever down, our business will be able to be up and running immediately on the other site".

Now here's the catch: they want it to be real time, not a backup from a tape (We can already do that).

I know I can replicate the SQL database; that's not a big deal. However, not being a network expert, is there any method of replicating/duplicating all the Excel Workbooks, Word Documents, FileMaker applications, etc. from one site to another in real time (or something close to real time?).

I'm thinking this is far more extensive and far more expensive than we need, but I need to explore the answer. From my perspective the daily backups should suffice, but the question asked needs to be answered.

Any ideas?