Dear colleagues,

I am with great problem and I would like to know if you can help me,
problem is:

- After doing the connection with the database, I catch the login and
the signal through the " getparameter " in the close it makes up and
I transfer for a package "
diversos.guarda_usuario_login(login,senha) " as well as other values;
- When other user is connected in it makes up it in another it
plans he gets to change the values of the login and signal that
I passed for " diversos.guarda_usuario_login " or of "
diversos.guarda_nome_email ";

It seems that I am sharing my values of the variables with the other
user, it will be that is because I created them as
static ", is creating in the following way:

-- page1.class << Acesso da seguinte forma:


-- package_lib.class

public static string v_login;
public static string v_senha;

public static void guarda_usuario(String p_login,String p_senha)
v_login = p_login;
v_senha = p_senha;

Thank you