We are using Navision C/ODBC to extract data from several tables within Navision's native DB (NOT SQL Server). We're using the 3.60 version of C/ODBC, and have been running into a problem determining the correct syntax for using a WHERE clause that queries for a specific date or range of dates against a native Navision Date column.

We are using Visual Studio .Net's Query Tool (SQL Pane) to test the query.

For instance, while the following column-to-column query works:
FROM "Sales Header"
WHERE ("Order Date" > "Shipment Date")

Attempting to query against a specific date fails ("invalid operand for the operator"):

FROM "Sales Header"
WHERE ("Order Date" > {d '2002-12-01'})

We also tried '=', and LIKE.

The date format shown complies with Navision's C/ODBC documentation.

We have tried using every permutation of the date format we can think of, but nothing seems to be working.

Please help.