With the introduction of its Linux virtual private server (VPS) hosting service, JCentric (http://www.jcentric.com) provides Java developers with the tools necessary to deploy applications and web sites using J2EE technologies such as Servlet, JSP, and EJB.

With a VPS, a developer has root access to a fully functional virtual Linux machine that has its its own IP address, memory, and file system. The headache of getting a system 'just right' to run Java apps is gone with JCentric's VPS service.

A JCentric VPS comes preinstalled with Tomcat 4, MySQL, and a range of open source Java tools and frameworks. The JBoss 3 application server and Postgres DB can be installed with a simple two-click install process from a control panel.

Hosting plans have introductory prices as low as $30.57 per month for a Professional account with 2 GB disk space, 20 GB bandwidth, and over 200 MB of addressable memory.

Please visit http://www.jcentric.com for more information.