Hello all,

I have the need to link/relink MSSQL tables (Which do not yet have PK or FK relationships) to a legacy MSAccess database.

So to sum it up, how can I set the internal MSAccess properties for a linked table so that MSAccess knows which fields are to be unique to mimic the wizard dialog of "Select Unique Record Identifier" or "To ensure data integrity and to update records, you must choose a field or fields that uniquely identify each record. Select up to ten fields."

The current Access db has (internal to MSAccess) defined unique primary key clustered fields that do not match the schema in the MSSQL database. Upon relinking the tables I have to manually enter the "unique fields" but I would rather do it for code as there are numerous tables!!

I can link/relink the MSSQL tables of choice via VBA; however I do not know how to set PK/Unique field values if they do not already exist to make Access understand the fields to use as unique as the default properties accept those of the linked database table.

Thanks in advance to any methods or suggestions!