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Thread: MDAC error

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    Unanswered: MDAC error

    I have upgraded MDAC to vers 2.7 SP1(winXP).

    On checking via the MDAC Cmponent Checker that one file has an error or maybe currupt.

    I have tried to reinstall with no joy. The error description is as follows:

    Item Name,Item Type,ErrorString,Status
    oledb32.dll,File,Field 'FileVersion' mismatch: Expect '2.71.9030.0 built by: Lab06_N(dagbuild)' Got '2.71.9031.4 built by: Lab06_N(dagbuild)',Error

    Could you shed any light on what might be the problem is?

    Cheers Peterm

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    Just uninstall everything related to MDAC and remove registry keys, reboot the box.

    For information on MDAC issues refer to this Article and this KBA.

    Make sure to install latest MDAC and SP from MS.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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