I'd like to know if there is any way to attach a property
to a form or a report and to refer to it! I explain :
what i would like to do it attaching a version number
to all my forms and reports, so that I can know if,
within my application, the components I am using are up
to date !

I have tried that :

("myForm").Properties.Add "Version", "myForm1"

The problem is that when I'm copying the form to another
mdb file, the property appears to be lost, to have

I have tried as well to use the "FullName" property :
currentProject.AllForms("myForm").FullName = "myForm1"
but I have the impression that it is impossible to set
the property of the form while it is closed..., which is
something I really need : refering to the property and
even changing it when the form is closed !

How can I do then? Have you got any idea?

Thank you,

Best regards,