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    Unanswered: Opening Form depending on subform

    I have 2 forms.
    The first one contains 3 continuous subforms :
    -subform_Red shows ID and description of all the possible gradations of the color red
    -subform_Green shows the same for all gradations of green
    -subform_Blue shows the same for all gradations of blue

    If I doubleclick one of the gradations I want a second form to open and show me the description of the doubleclicked colour in a textbox.

    I can retrieve either the ID and the description into each subform, but I can not get it done to open the second form with the description in a textbox.

    I was thinking of something like this:

    public sub subForm_Red_Doubleclick()
    end sub

    In the SecondForm-module :
    public sub Form_Load (comingFrom as Form)
    Me.textbox = comingFrom.description
    end sub

    Any ideas ?


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    see if the attached suits.

    the A-wizard will do this for you when you add a button to your frmFirstOne + select open form frmSecondOne + select show specific record. you can copy the resulting code to the _DoubleClick event and delete the button.

    have the linking field (your ID field I guess) on both forms!


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