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    Unanswered: Database Splitter

    Have I understood this or am I on the wrong track

    Can someone tell me how the Database Splitter works. I have a need to have multiple users accesses and adding data to the same tables. I have been told to use the database splitter.

    This all sounds to easy to me! What happens if two sets of data are entered at the same time and they duplicate data that a field will not allow.

    Any other info would be apprecitated and confirmation that this is the route to take.

    Many Thanks

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    The databse splitter is a routine in Access that actually creates a new database and then imports the tables/data/relationships into that database and links the frontend to the tables

    The routine then deletes the table objetcs from the "frontend" db

    This is designed so that multiple users can run the frontend locally and just manipulate the data on the centralized PC

    Think of it as rudimentary client/server

    As for two users conflicting with each other this would be a rarity

    It is more likely (yet still unlikely) that this will happen with editing and not data entry. What are the odds of two users accessing the same record to make a change at the same time?

    As for data entry - each time a user makes a "request" to insert data , Access will alot x amount of "block" size to do this - so a conflict here is not feasable unless two users at the same time try to assign the same value to a primary key in a table.


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