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    Unanswered: parameter query issue .....

    I have a parameter query that I want to grab the parameter from a text box in a form and populate another text box in the same form with the result from the query , the form is bound to a table . I understand I can reference the parameter input text box in the query criteria , the problem is I can't seem to get the "afterupdate" to run the sql of the query ?
    The parameter textbox is: [forms]![Vacation]![Employeenum]
    The results textbox is : [forms]![Vacation]![daysuse]
    The Query SQL is :
    SELECT DISTINCTROW Sum(Vacation.VacationDaysUse) AS [Sum Of VacationDaysUse]
    FROM Vacation
    HAVING (((Vacation.EmployeeNumbe)=[forms]![Vacation]![Employeenum]) AND ((Vacation.VacationStart) Between Date() And ([anniversarydate])));

    Can somebody line me up on the statement to pull this off ? I'm using Access 2000 if that helps .

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    does the first paramaterized query only return one row of data?

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    I already got it figured out , thanks though !

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