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    Unanswered: ODBC Native State S1T00: timeout expired

    Hello :
    I am very new to ODBC connectivity, but i know sql fairly

    What can generate a Native State Error: Native State
    S1T00: timeout expired on a SQL 2000 database; NT4 OS

    I am running sql database dependent applications on this
    server: 3 to be exact.

    e.g. I have an application which transports data that was
    entered to the SQL database located on this Server via a
    LAN user. This application then dynamically takes this
    data and transports it to another device located on the
    same sub-net as the Server for data recognition and other
    functionalities. This is performed in milliseconds hence
    it may be utilizing the (winmm.dll) file to accomplish
    this. But the error message:

    "Warning State: S1T00,Native:0, Origin: [Microsoft][ODBC
    SQL Server Driver] timeout expired"

    causes this process to fail along with other ODBC and SQL
    dependent applictions. also my maintenance plans failed as aresult of this message..

    Can someone please help/ inform me what can cause this and
    how to prevent this??

    Can a modem dial-in access cause this?? though it was
    running fine with modem access in the past, and no change
    in its configs.??

    Thank you in advance


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    May check this KBA .
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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