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    Question Unanswered: Math functions

    Good Afternoon LAdies & Gents

    I was hoping you could assist me with this problem (more of a how-to)
    I have a Database with 4 Tables and I need to incert some mathamatical functions to get totals, averages, percentages etc.

    here is my problem

    I have the following Tables

    tblPrice, field(s) mfg_price, discount_price, ltc_price
    tblCustomer, field(s) cpny_name, contact, address, phone, date
    tblProduct, field(s) crt, server, notebook,
    tblInventory, field(s) StockID, cust_num

    I need to be able to combine the contact name from tblCustomer, with the product purshased from tblProduct, in addition with calculations

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    C my Post 2 u'r other Query n start looking @ Grouping SUM() etc,

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