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    Unanswered: PMON do not activate at once to kill Server Process ?

    hello !

    In theory, if a connection from client and server is disconnected suddenly (ex: power-cut, out of network cable ...) then Proccess Monitor (PMON) will be activated after several seconds to free all resources of that client.

    But in practice, it' not correct, the Server Process that (exist on Oracle Server) serve for disconnected client process do not be killed immediately although I kill it by command "alter system kill session '8,13'". It's just killed after over 15 minutes.

    I don't know why PMON do not activate to kill it at once. and How to kill Server Process immediatly ?

    thanks !

    PS: Hope you understand my question

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    did you set resource_limit=true in the init.ora file?, which is needed if you want to make use of kill session ...

    but as I figured out, killed sessions can be seen for some
    time even up to a couple of days in v$session

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    Cleaning already KILLED session depends on the dead connection detection (DCD) in Oracle. How to setup this is explained Here

    Hope that helps,

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