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    Unanswered: One or more values in the INSERT statement, UPDATE statement, or foreign key update c

    I get this error when updating a database I am working with (DB2 V7).

    I loop through the contents of a file and based on a flag U = Update,
    N = Insert & D = Delete, I perform the action on the item with the

    The table is three rows in length: id, part_number, qty.

    I have a unique index on id, part_number, qty.

    If the flag = U then I try to update the row.
    If the update fails, I set the falg to N and try to insert the new

    If the flag = D then I delete the row.

    If the flag = N I try to insert the row.
    If that fails I catch the error and attempt an update.

    A Problem appears to occur when the flag = N to Insert. All inserts
    are failing with the [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/SUN] SQL0803N error
    described in the subject.

    My problems with this are:

    1. If I catch the error then it would mean that the row already exists
    and I try the subsequent processing.
    2. The update then throws a non unique row error.
    3. When finished, none of the rows that errored are existing in the
    database so I am at a loss to figure out where the part went and why
    it errored!!!

    How can this be the case????

    Shannon Whitty

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    Re: One or more values in the INSERT statement, UPDATE statement, or foreign key update c

    It is a bit strange ...

    But I would go back to check the table and unique index definitions ...

    Use the indexid and tablename referred in the SQL0803N error message and do
    WHERE IID = <index-id>
    AND TABSCHEMA = 'schema'
    AND TABNAME = 'table'

    If you have already done, I'm at loss of ideas ....

    Maybe, an eventmonitor will show more information ... Not sure though ..



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