Hi everybody,

I am trying to use InnoDB tables to evaluate performance for the TPC-W benchmark (source available at http://www.cs.rice.edu/CS/Systems/DynaServer/TPC-W/). This benchmark models an online book store, like amazon.com.

I am facing problems running this benchmark with InnoDB tables. Basically, when the number of users connected to the database becomes large(~300), MySQL stops responding and stays like that for hours, till the server is restarted. In this duration, I am able to make new connections to the server, but no further queries get processed.

I am using the following configuration:

System: RedHat Linux 9 running on Intel Xeon
MySQL version: 4.0.13-max

my.cnf - same as my-huge.cnf with the sections for innodb uncommented

The problem does not seem to be a deadlock, since I am not locking any tables externally. The processlist shows the queries stuck at various stages of execution (closing tables, sending data, opening tables, statistics). The 'hostname'.err file does not report any errors.

This problem does not occur when I am using MyIsam tables.

Please help!

Aravind Menon