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    Red face Unanswered: help me to make from6i send&recive data from com port

    i'm working as oracle developer in company in communication field and this dayes my company bought time attendance machine
    that receive all data by RF or infra from every employee card identity and may also by holdfinger all data must store in our oracle database in HR system but the software that coming with this device only *.exe and developed with visual basic and put all data in text file or database owned by him with MSaccess . how can i interface this machine with oracle through making form (oracle form2k) to read from this device ,p.s> this device connect to computer with serial port rs232. and must send to him kind of command through the
    application comming with it to negotiation if there data in it or no because it's store the data in its memory until i communicate with him with its application and then retrieve the data . is there any way to help ?
    the link of this device is and device model(505r)

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    Use Text_IO

    Use text_IO package to read data from text file and store it in your database. by the way i'm also looking for same kind of solution like reading data from com port. if you find any solution please let me know.


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    You might want to look into Transparent Gateways (if Oracle 9) and see if you can link the access database using it. Then the table appears as an Oracle table.

    Otherwise, OTN has some articles on getting data from an access database in Oracle 8 and prior versions.

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