Dear all,

I would like to clarify some questions regarding the following topic.

We are using SAP R/3 4.6c with IDS 7.31UD2XG under solaris 8. We currently have Sun's E450 box and our storage unit is the Sun storedge A5200 for the database volumes and RAID 10 is configured for all the database volumes. We use the VERITAS volume manager to manage the database disk volumes.

We plan to migrate to the new storage unit namely Sun Storedge 3510 FC array. Also we will be upgrading our box to Sunfire V880. For SAP R/3 a more read intensive application, we are considering RAID 5 with a hot spare as new strategy. Now, here is my list of questions

1) Can anyone share their experience with SUN storedge 3510 under the above defined environment ?
2) How does Informix perform under the SUN storedge 3510 ?
3) How does SAP R/3 4.6C perform with RAID 5 over RAID 1 for databases of size say 300GB ?
4) You can also suggest any additional things to be taken care before the migration.

Any comments/feedback are greatly appreciated.