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    Unanswered: Replication and table/SP change?

    I build a table and stored procedure replication between 2 database.
    seems when I want to change the stored procedure / or Table, the replication still hold the objects and won't let me to do.

    is that the only way drop the replication( publisher/disbtribution/subscrib)
    make the table / store procedure change, than rebuild replication again?? any other short cut??


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    SQL2K has a lot of improvements when it comes to changing the schema of replicated tables.

    What Ver SQLServer R U Using & what types of replication merge/snapshot etc

    Changes to tables must be done through the publication properties in 2K Enterprise Manager or using the system Stored Procedures provided for the purpose.

    Stored Procedures can only be edited at the publisher U Can't merge changes to them - Urghhh What a thought. - U can Snapshot these out to subscribers.

    If U R Using SQL7 you are out of Luck

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    Valid references by GW, for any schema changes on the source table, its advised to redefine the replication settings once its finished.
    --Satya SKJ
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