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    Unanswered: document imaging

    Is it better to store documents inside your database as an OLE object or is it better to store them outside and just have links setup for them. I plan on having a collection of thousands of pdf's that need to be tracked by Access.

    Anyone know of any good document indexing/retrieval database examples out there?

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    I recently grappled with this question. I tested it out with about 20 image (as opposed to the 3,000 that would eventually be needed).

    I found that the database was getting large very fast. I remember working out that if we included all the images the database would be about 4 gig. And that was with low resolution images.

    In the end we decided to store them outside the database and, as you suggest, just record the links.

    The database scanns the images (our is for a library database) and then names the image file the ID of the record.

    We also found this was also easier for internet interactivity etc.

    I can't help with recommending a system though as we created our own. I'm sure there will be lots available though.

    Best of luck

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    Thanks for the replay johncameron.

    Would there be any advantage to using OLE "links"(not actually storing the file in the database) in a database as compared to just a text field that would store the file's path?

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