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    Unanswered: Garbled field (for no reason) - anyone seen this before?

    Hi All,

    I have a slightly strange issue...

    In one of my tables I create a Unique identifier using the following

    UniqueID: [Isin Sec No] & "-" & [German Wrk No] & "-" & [Sec No] & "-2"

    The fields is a text-field. Works fine except that at a later stage some of these Unique Identifiers (used in other tables as well and linked in queries) become corrupted and start looking like this:


    I don't get warned that this has happened, nor is there any obvious cause...
    Any ideas? Is it because I am using a hyphen?

    Grateful for any input

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    Cant give you a solution but I get a similar form of corrution in database where without warning whole rows of data will become squares, I had always put this down to a network error or a user exiting the database while it was processing data etc

    Not much help sorry

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