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    Unanswered: duplicate records

    I am having a headache working on a huge database which contains 120000 records. the big problem is that the database contains duplicates of the "serial no" of products. Another important field is the "date_purchased". How do I remove the duplicates and retain the serial no with the latest date purchased? I have managed to remove duplicates but the program does not remove on the basis of the date_purchased.

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    Re: duplicate records


    i found some info's about duplicates on as i had same problems:

    see attached file (too big to quote here)
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    How about doing it in 2 stages ie:-

    SELECT DISTINCT SerialNo,Max(DatePurchased) From tbl GROUP BY SerialNo

    Then inner Join it to

    SELECT * FROM tbl

    U could create 1 Statement as a Permanent View or Do it all in a stored procedure & #tmp table

    Should work -

    U'l prob find it can all be done in one Statement - Some1 Post & I'll C which way is faster

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    Or a refinement on GWilley's code

    SELECT DISTINCT SerialNo, Max (DISTINCT DatePurchased)
    From tbl??
    Group By SerialNo

    I ran this on something similar on my db (table with over 700,000 records) and it seemed to work correctly.

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    you do not need DISTINCT when you use GROUP BY -- groups are distinct by definition

    save the serial numbers and max dates in a working table, then delete all the rows that don't have a match in the working table

    select serial, max(date_purchased) as maxdate
    into keepthese
    from yourtable
    group by serial

    delete from yourtable
    where not exists
    ( select 1
    from keepthese
    where serialno = yourtable.serial
    and maxdate = yourtable.date_purchased )


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