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    Unanswered: DBW0: terminating instance due to error 600

    Dear Friend,

    The Oracle8i Server located at web server gest disconnected due the following err(displayed in Alert Log File & DBWR Trace File):

    1) Alert Log File:
    Corrupt block relative dba: 0x02002628 (file 8, block 9768)
    Fractured block found during preparing block for write
    Data in bad block -
    type: 6 format: 2 rdba: 0x02002628
    last change scn: 0x0000.07d7188a seq: 0x1 flg: 0x00
    consistency value in tail: 0x0726c102
    check value in block header: 0x0, block checksum disabled
    spare1: 0x0, spare2: 0x0, spare3: 0x0
    Fri Jun 13 11:18:12 2003
    Errors in file D:\oracle\admin\ccnetweb\bdump\ccnetwebDBW0.TRC:
    ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kcbzpb_1], [33564200], [2], [0], [], [], [], []

    Fri Jun 13 11:18:35 2003

    Please help me rectify this problem.

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    I see that you have also posted this on the Metalink site ... Have
    you tried doc id: 153788.1 on Metalink ??? It allows you to enter
    your stack trace and see if you are encountering a known bug ...


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