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    Question Unanswered: Change location of an Existing DB in MSDE

    Hi everyone,

    I have an MSDE database that was created using the osql.exe. By default it gets automatically created in the MSSQL7/data directory.

    Does anyone know how i can detach and then re-attach the database from a new location?

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    Refer to SP_ATTACH_DB & SP_DETACH_DB topics in books online.

    Also you can mention path for data files while using CREATE DATABASE Statement.
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    Have U thought of

    1)Backup db
    2)copy the mdf & ldf files
    3)delete the db
    4)create a new db with same name but data files in the new place
    5)overwite the new files (s'be same name) with the original files
    (Don't know if u have to stop the SQL Service to do this bit)

    or do 1) 3) & 4) + restore db

    Worth a try

    Ye Hah !

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