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    Unanswered: Gray fields or operation registry

    I have a form base on a table named STARTUP. This table contains the following fields NAME (required), OCUPATION (required), LOCATION (required), and a check(True/False) (required). I would like to show this form only the first time the program runs. When the person fills out the fields NAME, OCUPATION, and LOCATION then he/she has to fill the CHECK value. It means that the information is OK. This information will be send to the table, and must only permit just one Record. The next time the program runs, it will check if the CHECK field is TRUE and it will only show the NAME, OCUPATION, LOCATION in gray color (do not permit to modify), it will continue with other things. The same as a registry operation in a program. Can someone help me to do it!!!

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    private sub form_load()
    if [check] then
    theCheckBoxName.visible = false
    thisTextBox.enabled = false
    thatTextBox.enabled = false
    theOtherTextBox.enabled = false
    end sub

    play also with .locked either together with .enabled:
    thisTextBox.enabled = false
    thisTextBox.locked= true

    ...or on it's own:
    thisTextBox.locked= true

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