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    Question Unanswered: Concatenating multiple records into one


    I have a fairly unique problem. I have two tables. First table contains the 'header' information (Unique detail per entry). Second table may contain several entries per 'header'. They are linked by an ID field. Data is entered using a Form (Table1) with a Continueous Subform (Table2). The findings recorded in the tables have to be mail merged and sent to addresses in the 'header' table.

    The problem is that the data from the MakeTableQuery looks something like this:
    ID RecordNo Detail Date Amount.....
    1 123 Air 5/5/2003 150.00
    1 123 Misc 5/6/2003 25.00
    1 124 Park 5/7/2003 15.00
    2 265 Rental 5/5/2003 200.00

    Because of this structure the mail merge will send out 4 e-mails. The person associated with ID 1 will receive 2 e-mails regarding the same record no. What I would like to do is merge the Detail, Date, and Amount fields into the same record with RecordNo, Name, E-Mail....remaining constant. One RecordNo may have multiple Details associated with it.

    Does this make sense? Is this even possible? Any alternatives?

    Thank you for any suggestions.

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    you need to create a uniqueid recordset that contains the email for each id.

    Then the subtable has the items that are sent based on where id (primary table) is equal to matching id in subtable.

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