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    Unhappy Unanswered: Something like a registry

    I need to do something similar as NORTHWIND.DBF (example that comes with Microsoft Access.
    In this example, the first time it runs, it runs a form named STARTUP. This form OnOpen runs a function named ONOpenStartup. On close runs a procedure named HIDESTARTUPFORM. This form has a label check saying if you don´t want to see this screen again chekit, and touch botton OK. The next time you run the database this form will not appear.

    I would like to do something similar. I make a form STARTUP which is base on a table named STARTUP. This form has 4 fields. NAME, OCUPATION, LOCATION AND CHECK. If name, ocupation, and location are already filled out, then it is allowed to touch the CHECK. If not then it sends a message (you need to fill the datas). Ok, if everything is ok, then when you touch check, it closes this form and runs other things.

    The table STARTUP will only allow to put 1 register, I mean, only 1 name, 1 ocupation, 1 location and 1 check.

    The next time this STARTUP form runs, it will check if the CHECK field is marked, and it show the same form just to be show with the fields NAME, OCUPATION, LOCATION AND MARK (in gray), not to be changed.

    Is that possible?. Can someone help me... I am getting crazy, moving and moving around.

    Thank you


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    first you need to be able to record the fact that the user has registered - you cannot use a variable ('cos it resets each time you start-up) and you cannot use a constant ('cos you can't change it): all that's left is a table.

    what do you want to do:

    1. register the client machine? (any user working on client-X is registered)

    2. register the user on a specified client machine? (user-Y on client-X is registered, user-Y needs to re-register if using client-Z)

    3. register the user globally (user-Y registers on client-X, but can use client-Z without re-registering)

    which behaviour do you want?
    1 can hide the startup screen completely.
    2, 3 will require the user to identify himself before the app can decide if he is already registered.


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