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    Question Unanswered: InnoDB vs MyISAM

    You can choose between MyIsam and InnoDB tables in MySQL. I've read the pro's and cons on the MySQL server site.

    One of the pro's with InnoDB in my eyes is also the possibility for use of foreign keys.

    On MySQL is stated that MyIsam tables are faster then InnoDB tables. Ofcouse: you don't need to do all the transaction stuff.

    My question to you: how much faster is faster? Does anyone have experience with InnoDB tables up to 150.000 records. Insertions will be made regular. How much slower would this be in comparison to a MyIsam table?


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    Re: InnoDB vs MyISAM

    Dear Friend ...! yesterday I tried this feature of mysql for nearly 2.5 million records ..! I think this would be a good experience for both of us ..! I tried inser,Delete , select , update for 2.5 million record on myisam tables and the same wuery on innodb tables.
    for most of the cases they were same , or differ in only 0.01-0.1 (sec) but in some cases innodb table type act more faster than myisam ...! instead of what I beleieved earlier .! specially in select commands innodb get the results more faster than myisam .
    but in one condition when I get the count of a speciall column myisam fetch the result in less than a 0.00 sec (wow) but innodb fetch this in nearly 42.3 (sec) (again wow) ...!
    only in this situation the differ , but I'd be glad to hear something more about these table types and learn more about what ther differ on !?
    best regards

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    Re: InnoDB vs MyISAM

    MyISAM keeps a count of records as part of its table data

    selecting on a primary key will be faster for INNO db as the record is stored on same page as primary key index node

    hope that explains it

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