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    Unanswered: Refreshing Oracle DB in Delphi Application

    I have very interesting problem here. I've built client application in Delphi 7 using dbexpress, which connects to Oracle DB and retrieves data from tables. When I edit records in application, all changes after applying can be viewed in Oracle by SELECTS... However when I add a row in Oracle to any table, Delphi application doesnt refresh its content even after dataset's refreshing....... And the most interesting thing: when I create a trigger and run it in Oracle, and after that refreshes dataset in application - it works ! - all records are refreshed...... !

    So, tu sum up, refreshin dataset in application works only after creating and running trigger in Oracle's sqlplus - looks like running trigger refreshes DB, or ODBC.. have no idea. If I dont run trigger, refresh doesnt work, even after restarting application...

    Anyone can help me with this? Thank You.

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    Are you sure you have commits in the relevant places? If you are restarting your Delphi (or any) app and not seeing updates made by other connections, then it is almost certainly because those changes haven't been commited.

    There are many other issues between [Oracle/SqlServer/Db2] and a [Delphi/Vb/C++/Pro*C] application and dataset refreshes, but this looks like a missing commit to me.


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    no comments :)

    Thnx man..... I just cant belive this )) I didnt commit ... now all works fine.

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