I have auditing running on sybase ASE 11 and the auditing event numbers are differnet from sybase 12, for example :

login in ASE 11 ( 3) ----> in ASE 12 ( 45 )
logout (4) -----> in ASE 12 (46)

and ...etc

my question is in sysauditoption table still the numbers are the same, I mean if you will say : select num,name from sysauditoption ---->

num name
3 login
4 logout

while if you will select from sysaudits_01 you will find the event for login is 45 not 3.

Is there anything wrong in this case, or from where sysaudits_01 table get the event number is it from sysauditoptions if so why there is adifference in the number.

Please reply with your commnets

Thanks in advance