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    Question Unanswered: FoxBase/FoxPlus memo fields

    I'm maintaining a very old FoxPlus application which was originally developed in dBase II. We now want to add a memo field to an @say screen. I can access the memo field by CTRL-PgDn when I'm in EDIT mode from the dot prompt. What I am unable to do is access the memo field when it is displayed by @ say/get withing a program. CTRL-PgDn just sends me out of the screen. Does anyone remember how to display and access memo fields from an @say screen?

    All help will be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Miriam.

    From the FoxBase Plus help files here's a suggestion:

    Format: SET FORMAT TO [<file>]

    This SET command accesses custom-designed display formats for
    use with APPEND, EDIT, INSERT, READ, etc.

    If <file> is omitted from this SET command, the currently
    active format file is deactivated. The default extension for
    <file> is .FMT.

    Multi-page format files may be created by placing a READ
    command at the end of each page. There is a maximum of 128
    screens per format file. PgUp and PgDn keys may then be used
    to move from screen to screen within the format file. When
    using READ with a format file, it is possible to edit MEMO
    fields. (Normally, READ cannot access MEMO fields.)

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    Instead of using @ SAY/GET, you need to use @...EDIT:
    @ 1,1 EDIT MyTable.SomeFld SIZE 10, 50
    Size is required to define the size of the edit area.

    If you want to just display the text, as in @....SAY, use NOMODIFY
    @ 1,1 EDIT MyTable.SomeFld SIZE 10, 50 NOMODIFY

    You can also add a scrollbar:
    @ 1,1 EDIT MyTable.SomeFld SIZE 10, 50 SCROLL

    Even more Fox stuff at

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