For reasons I won't go into now my entire programming team is out for the count for a few days and I am struggling with an error message in a database a client has. I am not a programmer but am trying to get some info so I can try and get back to our client re solution asap. The error message they are getting is :

'ODBC--delete on a linked table 'TblSearchRequest' failed [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver] Timeout expired (0#)'

It occurs when they are attempting to delete an entry from a list of records.

I have worked out that one possible solution is to set the time out to 'O'
(either on the connection or the Command object before open) but to be honest I am flying blind!

Can anyone with this limited info give me any more info on which I could assess how big a problem I am facing or any other possible causes.

Thanks in advance