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    Question Unanswered: Total of Subtotals

    I am very new to access and I am finding out how to do a lot on my own.

    We work for 5 different companys.

    Can someone recommed (form, querry,etc.) what I need and a how to for:

    My company has several offices in different cities and states. So taxes is different.

    What I need off my tables is something that will give me a total on my subtotals for a certain month based on office number and month specify.

    For example:

    Five different tables


    Need total of all subtotal for: May, office number 1
    Need total of all subtotal for: May, office number 2
    Need total of all subtotal for: May, office number 3

    (if I can only get it for just one table I'll be happy)

    *Note all dates enter in the tables by forms are as: 05/12/2003
    Not: 12 May 2003

    I'm not for sure if I need to create a form or a querry or what.

    Thanks for any suggestion.


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    I am also not very experienced in database but I have been fiddling with it for some time.

    Try to do the followings:

    1. Try to have only one table for all of your data. It makes life very easy for calculations and generating queries.
    2. Create a simple form and put two Text boxes on it one with label say Month and other say Office No. Note down the name of each Text box.
    3. Create a query and select all the relevant fields on to query grid. On the month column in Criteria row put the referenc for the month Text box from the above Form. Say if the form name is Form1 and Text box name is Text10. You would put the reference as [Form1]![Text10].
    4. Similarly put the reference for office no under office no column.
    5. Generate a report on the base of above query.
    6. On report footer you can put a simple formula giving total for that month, like =Count [months]
    7. Put a command button on Form1 that would open above Report

    Hope this all makes sense and works for you.
    Good luck


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