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    Unanswered: recreate users after backup

    On my server I have a database that contains a SQL login who owns some tables. When I perform a backup of that database, the SQL login doesnot have access anymore to the database. When I look under the users (in Enterprise Manager) the login is still listed. The result is that I have to change the owner of the concerning tables, drop the user and and again change the owner of the tables( which is done through a script, but still).
    Can anyone tell me if I can change someting in my backups to make sure that the problem doesnot occur anymore or if not possible, has a quicker/cleaner way of dealing with it.

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    Use SP_CHANGE_USERS_LOGIN to fix the orphaned logins, refre to books online for more information to fix.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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