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    Question Unanswered: Convert a filed in DBF files


    I have a DBF file with a text field containing date information. How can I convert the text field to date format automatically. I know I can use Access to convert it but it's time consuming. Anybody know any utility, please help???

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    Is this table on Oracle or a .DBF (Dbase III/IV file)?

    I suspect from your post that it's a Dbase file, in which case you need any decent dbase file editor which supports automatic updates (BroPlus springs to mind) or even dbase itself. Try the "Other PC Databases" forum if it's a dbase file - you're more likely to find people with the tools you need.

    If it's an Oracle table, add an extra column and run an update...

    update yourtable set newdatecolumn = to_date(oldtextdatecolumn,'DD/MM/YYYY')

    Make sure to change the DD/MM/YYYY to whatever the format is.


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