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    Unanswered: Module installation on Windows

    I'm very new to Perl, and am trying to install the modules I need to work with an Oracle database using Windows 2000. So far I've managed to install DBI, but I've had no luck with the two other modules I need, DBD::Oracle and Date::Calc.

    I've downloaded the correct (I hope) zip files and extracted them to my C drive. When I try to install them, tho, I get this error message:

    "Error: Failed to download URL 500 Can't connect to <connect: Unknown error>"

    Anyone know what's going on here?


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    I am also new at this but I resolved the problem you described below by setting my Enviornment variables for the following:

    HTTP_proxy = http://(your proxy server address and port)
    HTTP_proxy_user = user name for logging onto your internet
    HTTP_proxy_pass = password

    Hope this helps OH the http:// must be included in your proxy server assress.

    You can set these variables by right clicking on My Computer.
    Selecting Properties, choosing the Advanced tab, and Clicking the Enviornment Variables button. You can then add New System variables in the bottom window.

    Hope this helps


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    If you can't connect through internet due to firewall restrictions, you still have the possibility to install your modules from a local hard drive.

    Change in the ppd file, the line MSWin32 and give the path where your file is.

    CODEBASE HREF="D:/Source/DBI_tar.gz" />

    In this way, you don't need any internet access on your machine.
    You can download your modules from a machine fully secure and install them afterwards on servers or other computers.

    Hope this will help you.


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