I have developed a Data Base under Access 2000 Windows 98 SE. The Data Base contains many forms with the MS calendar control (Calendar Control 9.0 Mscal.ocx)
When I brought my Data Base to my Client who is running Windows XP Home Edition and Access 2002. I was unable to open my forms with the Calendars. I keep getting Access failure Messages. I tried to delete my calendars from the forms but was unable to do so because as soon as I referenced the Calendar control the access failure occurred. I then tried to create a new DB under Access 2002 open a new form and insert the supplied Calendar control (Calendar Control 8.0 Mscal.ocx) and the Access Failure occurred again. There a problem with Access 2002 and its calendar does anyone know what the fix is? My client is running Access 2002 10.2616.2625.