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    Red face Unanswered: error when running postermaster!

    hi, when i start to run postermaster, the error
    happened like below:
    $ postmaster -D /usr/share/postgresql/data
    FATAL: invalid value for option 'LC_MESSAGES':

    i don't know where the problem is and how to fix

    would u mind to help me?
    thx ^^

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    Look in your postgresql.conf file for LC_MESSAGES.

    LC_MESSAGES is a locale-related variable, so that users can see diagnostic messages in their language/dialect. 'en_UK' would stand for "UK English". Since you can probably understand American English without too much trouble (), you might want to just comment out any lines which specify "en_UK", but be careful, because some of them might be needed by your application.

    See this thread in the PostgreSQL mail lists:

    According to this, it looks like those variables can be different on different operating systems, so you might need to do some research, if you need LC_MONETARY, or LC_NUMERIC, etc...

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    i have tried to comment out all the locale 's related thing in conf file.
    But it just stop there when running!

    i try:
    export LC_MESSAGES='C'
    export LC_MONETARY='C'
    export LC_NUMERIC='C'
    export LC_TIME='C'

    b4 run postmaster.

    and that fine.
    but i don't know whether it will cause any side effect or not.~~~~

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