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    I am trying to create a database with microsoft access 2000. I am on a LAN network and I would like to be able to share this database with other users and also allow them to read and enter new records if they need to. how do I do that??

    I have also created an intranet that is shared through my computer using microsoft IIS 5.0 and I created a data access page hoping that they can view the records from their browser but everytime i try to open the data access page it display a message about safety settings on my computer prohibit opening data on another domain although the database is on my computer...
    your help is highly appreciated, i am a newbie to the database business but i love it and I would like to advance in it someday.

    thanks for your help

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    first choose how to view the data :
    From an access database to a backend on the server or dataaccess pages.

    Since I still believe the internet (intra) is the great American hoax
    i would use and access front end on the PC's(forms,queries,reports,macros,modules) and link to the tables on the server

    Rudiemtary client/server as you will


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