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    Unanswered: Problem Calendar Control 8.0 in Access 2002

    I have developed a Data Base under Access 2000 Windows 98 SE. The Data Base contains many forms with the MS calendar control (Calendar Control 9.0 Mscal.ocx)
    When I brought my Data Base to my Client who is running Windows XP Home Edition and Access 2002. I was unable to open my forms with the Calendars. I keep getting Access failure Messages. I tried to delete my calendars from the forms but was unable to do so because as soon as I referenced the Calendar control the access failure occurred. I then tried to create a new DB under Access 2002 open a new form and insert the supplied Calendar control (Calendar Control 8.0 Mscal.ocx) and the Access Failure occurred again. There a problem with Access 2002 and its calendar does anyone know what the fix is? My client is running Access 2002 10.2616.2625.

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    quite strange when i have the same problem before but i had the prob with DB developped under office 2002 (office 2000 format) then sent the file to client running office 2000 Pro. upgrading client to office 2002 solved the problem.

    in your case, could you try copying the control to client computer, register it by: regsvr32 mscal.ocx

    hope this helps

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    This problem is most likely caused by having the wrong version of the control installed (which can happen if you install Visual Studio 6.0 after installing Access 10). Otherwise your calendar control version should not be "8.0" it should be "10.0".

    See Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 287472.

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