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    Unanswered: Exporting a record into a template in Powerpoint

    I have been searching the web, and looking through forums to no avail.

    I have a database that allows users to create/modify/delete records to keep track of new requirements put in by customers. All this information that is put into the records is also used in powerpoint presentations on a weekly board meeting in which the approval authorities decide on whether the new requirement is to be pushed or not.

    Several of the guys that build these powerpoint presentations say they are tired of actually having to type the same information into the slides as they already do in the records. They would like to have the ability to just select the record and click on an "Export" button which would ask them for the presentation to save it to and it would put it in as a slide (all formatted of course).

    I thought at first that doing a vbscript query to read the data and output it in export.asp file in which they can review it, save it to a .html file, then import it into powerpoint. Unfortunately, it doesn't convert correctly into a powerpoint slide (comes out as several slides).

    Is there something I'm missing?...or rather, is there a better way?


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    I would look at getting the data out using a macro in powerpoint...

    I used to do this in Excel...but have never tried in Powerpoint

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