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    Unanswered: Thin Client & db2cli.ini

    Hi, I'm continuing with my trials on a thin client workstation…
    In the thin client workstation there is no db2cli.ini file.
    Some options needs this file because they keep their data in it (for example: Trace, Current userid for mvs etc.).
    Does someone know if there a possibility for put a db2cli.ini in the workstation and that the client will really work with it ?
    I tries to put a file there, but it keeps telling that it can't find the file. I think it's because it always works with the server.
    Any ideas ?
    Thanks, Ma'ayan

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    Re: Thin Client & db2cli.ini

    did you install db2 on your workstation?
    checkout program files/sqllib/db2cli.ini

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