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    Question Unanswered: TAPE LIMIT on dbexport?

    I am trying to perform a dbexport to tape, but we have more than 2 GB of data. Is this possible to do? I am moving the database from 9.21.UC3 to 9.30.UC2. (raw disk with LVM and striping)..

    I am 'moving' the current database to a new server, but do not want to keep the same dbspaces and table locking methods. Therefore I cannot use the onload/onunload utilities since I need to edit the schema.

    I cannot perform the dbexport to disk since we do not have the room and the dbexport aborts.

    Are my only 2 options below?

    1. doing the individual unloads and unloading the large tables in increments
    2. using onload, create the exact same database structure on the new server; then perform a dbexport from this databse which will allow me to modify the schema, create the 'final' databse and finally load all data from the 'replica' to the modified database via dbimport?

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    Hi Jenifer,

    I think your problem lies in teh new feature for IDS 9.40.

    Prior to this version, every 'tool', except onbar has a physical limit of 2GB. The tools that were 'affected' were dbexport, onunload, unload, onstat, onmode, oncheck, ontape, ....

    9.40 fixes this problem - So I think the best option you have is do a very easy migration to IDS 9.40 and every export over 2GB will work.

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