Using, I created two "popup menus" (drop-down menus). When the page first loads, the 1st menu will lists the names of all available customers (after querying the database). I got this to work.

Now, when the user selects a name from that drop-down menu, the 2nd menu should be DYNAMICALLY populated with products that were bought ONLY by the selected customer, and not all products in the database. In other words, I will use the Customer ID obtained from the 1st menu to query the database for a list of products specific to that customer, and list them in the 2nd menu. How do I do this?

I would think that I need to use Javascript and attach an "onChange" event to the 1st menu. But then how do I code a javascript function that will query a database on the server side?

I know how to do it in .NET, but I'm a newbie to Perl (and I'm not allowed to use Perl.NET). I was wondering how I can induce a postback to the server in Perl so that I can perform database operations. Thanks.