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    Unanswered: pliz help me!!!!!

    hi !
    I've got a pblm with microsoft access...pliz help me!

    I want to create a command button with the wizard so I click on the button icon in the toolbox but then I get this message when I click on one of the elements of the two lists:
    'error compiling in expression 'ApploadString([bw_tblBtnActions]' '
    I strictly don't understand what that can mean and pliz, if U can, explain me with clear words 'coz I don't speak english perfectly....I'm french!
    I just finish by adding that I can create my command button anyway but when I click on it it doesn't go to the next record (as I want it to do this action...I didn't try the others)

    thx again for answering me if you can that would really help me 'coz I'm doind something really important and I'm stuck with that 'stupid' pblm...

    C U

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    you have a problem with your access installation - i cannot help you with that, perhaps someone else can.

    work-around: forget the wizard!

    create a button called MyButton without the wizard & in the _Click event of the button type:

    on error goto err_MyButton
    DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acNext
    exit sub
    msgbox err.description
    resume exit_MyButton


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    izy is right to try the hardcoded code behind the button

    sounds like a bad install or project corruption at the least

    reinstall the access selecting 'run all from my computer"

    after the install create a blank database and import all the objects into the new new container (mdb) from the old

    then try the wizards

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    Re: pliz help me!!!!!

    thx guies pblm solved!

    thx again

    C U

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