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    Unanswered: Mailing/Exporting a Report containing Checkboxes

    I am trying to email an Access report that contains checkboxes (Access 2000). The report looks fine when viewed from within Access. When I use the Send-To option or any of the Export options, all information is displayed correctly except the checkboxes - they are no longer displayed in any of the exported or mailed formats.

    The information is entered into the tables via checkboxes and displayed in the reports the same way.

    Is there any way to display the needed information without modifying the report? If not, can I turn the check or not-checked information into a Yes or No for the report?

    Any thoughts are welcome.


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    did you try .SNP?

    despite the fact that it's gatesware, SNP is fast to make, fast to read, and the SNPreader is free for anyone (i.e. no need for A to be installed). it also does a super job of faithfully reproducing anything you can get into a report.


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