Newbie be gentle.

I have a problem that seems like it should be simple, but I am stumped. I've checked various FAQ's and forums and have searched Microsoft's help section but have yet to find a solution.

I have a report that I want to export to HTML. I want each record to be exported to it's own HTML file. I've been able to get this to work by using the "Force New Page" selection and the Export function. But what I get are filenames like <reportname>Page1.html, <reportname>Page2.html, <reportname>Page3.html, etc. I want to have each HTML file named using the Name value in each record. So, I want the filenames to look like this johnsmith.html, adamjones.html, stevesmith.html, etc.

So, I explored the OutputTo function in VBA and tried this code based upon various helpfiles:

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "<reportname>", acFormatHTML, "c:\" & Reports!<reportname>!Name.Text & ".html"

It got me almost where I wanted to be. The output it gave me used the name from the first record and appended Page1, Page2, I got johnsmithPage1.html, johnsmithPage2.html, etc.

But, I don't know where to go from here. I'm a complete novice using VBA, so I hoping I'm just missing some simple command or designation.

Any help would be appreciated!