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    Im trying to design a report using Access 2000 to look like the attached word document.
    The difficulty Im facing is:
    1. How to calculate the percentage (%) and Average # of days
    2. How to get a total of all applicants (Children, Male, Female) each month? (All Applicants in Jan, All Applicants in Feb, etc.

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    Reports are often better based on a query. Especially if you have calculations in them like these, you will probably find it simpler to use the query and then copy across the fields.

    Queries have a built in function for averages. You may though want to build a query to get the average and join this into the report query as a source.

    Percentage is calculated by applying the following formula into your query:


    Format as percent. I have assumed that you want percentage per year in the above.

    Once you have the query producing the results you want then use that as the recordsource for your report.


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