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    Unanswered: ms access charts/graphs

    I need a line graph where the y axis is a field called ED, the x axis is a field called lifetime. The problem is that I do not know ahead of time exactly how many of these lines I need, I need one for each entry that shows up in a query(from here on called query A). Knowing this, I tried 'grouping' the chart by a field that is unique in query A, but the wizard gave me an error about having non aggregate functions for both the x and Y axis and trying to group by this unique field in A. I then wanted to try to make a temporary table for the data, where I would fill in the data for the top 5 (best) entries in query A, but the unique field of A once again would need to be the title of each of the lines in the graph, and I have no idea how to do this dynamically. I also tried putting graphs over annother with transparent backgrounds, and that didn't work either. I am in acces 97. Do graphs just suck in this version of access, or am I missing a huge idea behind the functionality????

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    Life ED ApplicationED ApplicationLife
    2 4.81210014432847 4.11397822629249 3.2
    2.4 4.58373664780363 4.11397822629249 3.2
    2.8 4.39913389500321 4.11397822629249 3.2
    3.2 4.24524404516118 4.11397822629249 3.2
    3.6 4.11397822629249 4.11397822629249 3.2
    4 4 4.11397822629249 3.2
    4.4 3.89961688296124 4.11397822629249 3.2
    4.8 3.81017560759288 4.11397822629249 3.2
    5.2 3.72971027830342 4.11397822629249 3.2
    5.6 3.6567268037329 4.11397822629249 3.2
    6 3.59006508653918 4.11397822629249 3.2

    this data created the picture of the attached file. there are two problems with this. the x axis is based on the Life variable in the table, which is good. I need the horizontal line at y=4.1 to actually be a vertical line at 3.2. I also simply need more of the horizontal curved lines with entirely different ED values but based on the same set of Life values. This can simply be done by dragging an additional field into the Y axis slot using the wizard, but what if I do not know ahead of time the names of the lines nor how many lines there will be. Thank you sooooo much in advance
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